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Our Story

Meet our Founder, Darrick Nguyen-Khoa.

“I’ve worked in the high-tech industry for over thirty years, so I know firsthand how important it is to have the right data to support your decision-making. I knew there had to be an easier way. So, I created one.”


Welcome to X2Analytics. It's Great to Have You Here.


This website was born out of a great need in the software development industry to simplify the search for the best software tools on the market today. As you may know, the search for good software development tools, automated testing software, or a reliable app development tool is no easy feat.

Whether you’re a Software Developer, SDET, or Quality Assurance Engineer, choosing a product usually requires meticulous and time-consuming research to ensure you don’t make the wrong investment and incur a loss instead. Why spend hours or more scouring multiple sites for reviews, product comparisons, and tutorials when you can do all that and more right here on X2Analytics? Use X2Analytics to get quick access to a vast array of software tools, including links to everything from pros & cons to helpful tips & tricks.

Our software review platform also offers accurate product pricing, direct downloads, and free trial options linked directly to the site. Think of X2Analytics as your one-stop shop for today’s cutting-edge software tools, minus all the frustration. When you’re ready, we will be with you every step of the way until you find a product that you are happy with. The best part? Our site is 100% free for everyone.

We know you’re busy, so let’s cut right to the chase:

Are you a Software Development Company?

Here are your benefits:

  • Your future customers get to know your product by reading reviews and comparing it with other products on our site (we even offer direct downloads!).  

  • We will give you a product page of your own with the information you provide to us.


Are you a reviewer?

You have two option to add your reviews:

  • Add a review URL if you have a review that is already posted elsewhere, and that you want to expand your readers base, then all you need is to submit your article's URL.

  • Write a Review if you want to upload a new review to this site. 

  • Both options will give you a great opportunity to get more readers and promote your brand name.


Are you searching for software?

Here are your benefits:

  • Simplify your search.

  • Get all the relevant information you need before deciding to buy or install any new software.

  • It is more efficient to examine dozens of software on this site alone instead of trying to navigate through millions of Google search results.

  • Read all about specific companies and their products. Our site will provide you with software information, features, download options, getting-started guides, tutorials, pros & cons, tips & tricks, contact support, and more at your fingertips.


Whether you’re a software engineer looking for the right tools, a blog writer looking to gain readers, or a software development company looking to promote your brand, X2Analytics can help you increase productivity and achieve your goals.