Self-service Data Preparation Tool

Profile your data, view anomalies distribution, remove errors

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Discover Anomalies

Using AI-powered to make sure every error in your file will be discovered and fixed before you make use of it. 

  • Invalid Data

  • Incorrect Format

  • Missing Data

  • Duplicate Data

  • Outliners

  • Inconsistent Data

  • Poor Data

Data Visualization 

Our graphical visualization, statistics, and distribution will help you visualize your data from the data trend, counts, data pattern, errors, and so on.

Automate Errors Fixing

We make it super easy to fix your data with ease:

  • Upload your file and it will be automatically profiled and searched for errors

  • Select the errors you want to correct/replace or remove then the tool will do it for you.

  • You have the option to correct the data manually, or rules on how the data should be fixed.

Preset/Fixing Rules

Our preset rule provides you with a quick way to re-use the rules you set up to clean your files. You can create, edit and save as many Preset rules as you wish. 

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